Our service is available in and also outside the European Union. Transport orders are carried out by the professional and competent personnel, speaking foreign languages, available 24h, 7 days in a week.

      We are using the TIR carnet. Our high – quality and modern fleet of trucks, meeting the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, direct communication with drivers and double crews enable efficient and punctual transport service. Every time a cargo transported by our company is insured for 400 000 EUR or, if the value of the shipped goods is higher, we increase the amount of insurace.

      Thanks to the use of digital route’s optimalisation it is possible to determine the time of the order's realization and to deliver goods on time to satisfy the demands of our customers.

      Additional advantage of the company is our transportation depot of 30 000 m2, near the Nieporaz (close to the A4 highway), equipped with forklift trucks, loading and unloading machines. The depot with a comfortable vehicle manoeuvre area is fenced, supervised and surveillanced for 24h. The company has also a refrigerated storehouse where it’s possibile to store products in temperatures from -5 to +6°C. Our principle is quality and satisfaction of our customers.

      To meet the demands of our customers Profit is constantly aiming to achieve our main goal, which is the transport of Your goods fast and safely.


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